About the Cause

When your children start falling behind in schoolwork, do you blame their attention spans? How about when they show poor co-ordination in sports, do you just tell yourself that’s how they were born? There may be another reason. Your future genius nuclear physicist may find it difficult to focus on the blackboard. Your future tennis prodigy may not be able to see well enough to coordinate body movements with what they see. It is not likely to even occur to their young minds that they have a vision problem. And if you don’t identify the problem in time, all these future champions will remain undiscovered.
Don’t let their vision be compromised. The only way to keep yourself abreast of possible deteriorating vision is to regularly take your children for an eye examination. Let your child take this simple eye test below and you can assess for yourself if he or she needs immediate attention.
Be a part of the Eye for Champions initiative and help our future generation of leaders achieve their full potential.
Help us to enable a million eyes to see the world better. Come and Contribute to the Cause.